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Cursach Group alleged "B account" worth 65 million euros

| Palma |

The police are calling for all the eighteen named to be detained, including Bartolomé Cursach.


The National Police have calculated that the Cursach Group (BCM, Megapark, etc.) allegedly operated a secret account worth 65 million euros.

Miquel Florit, the judge at the courts of instruction who is now heading the whole investigation into the Cursach boss, Bartolomé Cursach, and related matters, was handed a report by the police and opened a separate investigation into tax and social security offences.

Twelve out of eighteen people named in the report have now been questioned by officers from the police's money laundering squad; most of them have exercised their right to silence. Meanwhile, the Tax Agency has been sent the police evidence and is conducting its own analysis.

The police are calling for all the eighteen named to be detained. The list includes Bartolomé Cursach, who has as yet not been summoned for questioning but is due to be in the coming weeks.

The calculation made in the report is based on documentation seized by the police and on another report, this one from the security firm that handled cash from various Cursach establishments. The calculation does not therefore match what was declared to the Tax Agency, and it includes a sum of 19 million euros for Megapark in 2016 alone.

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