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Driver who tried to cover up accident is arrested

| Andratx |

The aftermath of the accident in July.


The 60-year-old driver of a Ford Ka, who attempted to cover up an accident which occurred in Andratx on 1 July, has been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

On 2 July, the driver reported the car stolen. The Guardia Civil considered the circumstances of this report to have been "strange". An investigation was opened and evidence and witness statements were gathered, leading to the conclusion that the driver had been seeking to evade responsibility for what happened.

The driver had seemingly suffered a fit of road rage that involved the rider of a motorbike. Officers ascertained that he deliberately rammed the bike, which in turn hit another vehicle head-on, resulting in a multi-vehicle accident. The rider of the bike was slightly injured, but another bike rider was seriously injured. The driver of the Ford Ka left the scene without assisting those who had been injured.

He has been charged with attempted homicide, failure to comply with the duty to provide assistance, serious injury and simulation of a criminal offence.

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