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Fifty injured in Seville Easter parade panic

The climax of the week is Good Friday, the day of Christ's crucifixion.


More than 50 people were slightly injured when panic erupted at the famous Good Friday procession in the southern Spanish city of Seville, the government said. With more than half a million people in the streets, panic broke out when a man threatened spectators with a kitchen knife. At the same time, false reports of gas explosions and a shooting spread through the crowd of spectators. The government delegation in Andalusia said in a statement that a 26-year-old man with a criminal record was arrested after “threatening people around him, provoking panic” at about 5 a.m. “When police restored the calm...they brought away a man with a big knife -- 30 to 40 centimetres (12-16 inches). All the people around were shouting at him,” an eyewitness told National radio. The injured were treated at several local hospitals. Seville celebrates the Holy Week leading up to Sunday's Easter holiday with processions of masked, robed men and women in traditional dress carrying statues and crosses.

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