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A Majorcan baker and Hot Cross Buns


Hidden away off the tourist track in Palma is a traditional Majorcan bakery. The staff all speak Majorcan and you would think that at this time of the year they would all be working flat out preparing empanadas, the traditional Majorcan meat-pies. But no. The staff of Panaderia Pasteleria Bolleria are all busy making Hot Cross Buns and scones. As owner Bernando Mestre Rodriguez proudly explained yesterday they are the only bakery in Majorca which makes hot cross buns on a large scale. They have a large number of British clients. “The French Coffee Shop in Portals is a major client. We have been making Hot Cross Buns at Easter for the last three years. Apart from all the orders we receive we also have them on sale in the shop. Many of our Majorcan clients have grown to like them. We describe them as an English delicacy and they are most popular,” he said yesterday.

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