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Illegal sellers' customers facing fines in Palma

| Palma |


Palma town hall's much anticipated new public order bylaw is due to come into effect next month, approval for it having been given at a meeting of the governing board on Wednesday.

Illegal street selling will be covered by this bylaw, it having been eliminated from the one that deals with regulation of the public way. As well as maintaining the prohibition on illegal selling, customers will now find themselves open to being fined.

Like Calvia, Palma is introducing a specific offence for "balconing", i.e. moving from one balcony to another or any other potential dangerous activity. Other measures will apply to the organisation of bar crawls, the use of electric scooters and similar, and the sale of alcohol between midnight and eight in the morning. This latter measure refers to shops and is intended to clamp down on drinking in public places.

The bylaw will establish "zones of special tourist interest", which means that tougher action can be taken against "excesses" in specific locations such as the calle Jamon (Schinkenstrasse) in Arenal. There is to also be a toughening-up of action against "botellón" street drinking, with special emphasis on underage alcohol consumption.

Sexual activities, be these in vehicles, in public areas, in tourist accommodation or in private homes, will be subject to penalties if they are clearly visible. Three-shell or three-card games are a further target for the bylaw, and the so-called bikini law is to be revived. Away from beaches and seafront roads, it will be necessary to wear tops.

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