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Palma citizens untroubled by tourists

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Summer in the city, and tourists are out and about.

06-08-2018 | Teresa Ayuga

There may be a lot of tourists, but for most people in Palma who were asked about tourists, the general reaction was that they are not a problem. A cleaner, Rocio de la Torre, said that some tourists are "pigs". She has been cleaning for many years, and there is now more filth during the high season. Nevertheless, she doesn't consider tourists to be a hindrance. "We live from them. Palma is fed by tourism."

Francisca Pol, who works as a chef in the centre of the city, where the numbers are at their greatest, noted that there are indeed a lot of tourists. But they don't bother her. Miquel Pascual, from a lawyers' office in the Passeig Born, agreed that plenty of tourists walk up and down the Born. They never trouble him though. "We have to be aware of the fact that we live from the tourism sector." Another lawyer, Aina Palou, echoed that sentiment.

Student Ismael Moya stated that he had absolutely nothing against tourists. It doesn't bother him if they are in the city centre. "Tourists who come to Palma give the city more life. There is more atmosphere." Saleswoman Magdalena Sastre believed that tourists are very friendly and sometimes ask her for directions to places of interest. "There are times when I feel as if I'm working in a tourist information office." Maria Rosa Mateu, an office worker, explained that she was unaffected by the number of tourists. "Perhaps this is because I'm used to coexisting with them in the same place."

Only archaeologist Adrián Ruiz was negative. "Generally speaking, I find them a nuisance. They create jams on the roads because of the hire cars. You cannot walk in peace, as they have taken over the streets of Palma."

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