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Large hashish stash found in Guardia Civil operation

| Palma |

The Guardia Civil are keeping up the pressure on drugs traffickers.

01-08-2018 | Alejandro Sepúlveda

As part of the ongoing Operation Titanum, which was mounted on Tuesday with raids in Sencelles and Palma (Portixol, Son Gotleu and La Vileta), heavily armed members of the Guardia Civil yesterday swooped on a lock-up in Portopi, Palma and seized 15 kilos of hashish and 4,500 euros in cash.

According to sources close to the operation, the organised gang’s principal trafficking market was the main tourist resorts, Magalluf in particular.

The Guardia Civil have arrested the leader of the organisation who lives in la Vileta and was controlling the dealing from his home. As of yesterday, the number of people arrested as a result of the operation had risen to eleven, but further arrests are not being ruled out as the operation remains very much alive.

The head of the gang used to regularly fly to Madrid to meet drug cartels on the mainland in order to organise shipments of drugs to Majorca.

It is said that Operation Titanum could turn out to be one of the largest narcotics operations to have been mounted in the Balearics and that some of the region’s most active traffickers and smugglers are being rounded up and arrested.

Some of eleven detainees will appear in court later this week.

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