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More than 6´000 kilos of hash in drugs haul

Police and Guardia Civil have confiscated more than 6'000 kilos of hashish and four kilos of cocaine in three separate operations in different parts of the country. Police at the customs post in Algeciras (Cádiz) confiscated 6'400 kilos of hashish allegedly found in a lorry which came from Ceuta, with two illegal immigrants on board. The drug was hidden in cardboard bales in the lorry which was registered in Malaga, and driven by a Ceuta citizen, who was arrested along with the immigrants. Police sources said that the drug could have fetched 5'000 million pesetas on the market. Police are still investigating and more arrests may be made. In Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, Guardia Civil found 150 kilos of hashish in a car which was parked off the A-1 motorway in the municipality of Quintanapalla. The car was spotted during a routine inspection. It was parked by the roadside and there was no sign of a driver or occupants, so the vehicle was searched and the drug found. Both drug and vehicle were confiscated.

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