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Police question suspect in O´Brien murde case

The police have by no means given up in their hunt for the sadistic killer who brutally murdered British woman Yvonne O'Brien at her home in Alcudia last August. The police have apparently located one of the suspects wanted for questioning in Porto Cristo and police confiscated a machete and an air pistol from the suspect's home last week. The suspect apparently matches the digital photo-fit drawn up of the man wanted in connection with the killing and also has a long criminal history. The investigation into the murder has been far from easy for the police. Within days of the shocking murder, police were faced with a list of 12 suspects with leads taking the investigation to Germany and the UK. But over the past eight months police have been slowly eliminating the suspects one by one and a few months ago, when the photo-fit was launched, embarked on a new line of investigation. According to sources close to the case, the suspect questioned last week is an alcoholic who lives in a fisherman's house in Porto Cristo and physically resembles the man in the photo-fit who was apparently seen talking to O'Brien just hours before she was mutilated. The suspect, who has been released since being pulled in, has however denied he knew O'Brien and that he had ever been to her Alcudia home. But police forensic experts are examining the air pistol and large knife found at the suspect's home.

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