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Controlled explosion of civil war device

The Guardia Civil bomb disposal unit were yesterday called out to deal with an explosive device discovered on a beach in Minorca. The bomb, which was some 30 centimetres long was found in very poor condition under the sand on the beach at Cala Fornell. A couple of walkers happened to stumble across the explosive device by accident and informed the police. Experts inspected the device and the bomb squad was called into destroy the bomb as it posed a threat to people in the area. According to the Guardia Civil the discovery of bombs and explosive devices dating back to the Civil War is common in Minorca and Majorca. But yesterday the Guardia Civil urged the general public to contact the police immediately in the event of stumbling across a suspect device, especially if it is in poor condition. In most cases the bomb squad will destroy the device at the location where it is discovered, however when possible, the bomb disposal unit will try and remove the explosive to the safety of a firing range for disposal.

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