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Majorcan in the cabinet

Jaume Matas, the new minister

Jaume Matas, a former leader of the Balearic government.


The former leader of the Balearic Government and until yesterday the leader of the opposition, Jaume Matas, was named yesterday by Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar as the new minister for the Environment. Matas will now head for Madrid to take up his new demanding role. The Ministry for the Environment has control over all water issues and there was hope last night in the Balearics that Matas would help resolve the pressing water situation the Balearics is facing at the moment. Yesterday's announcement came as a surprise for political commentators, especially as Matas was defeated at the last local elections in a crushing blow for Aznar's Partido Popular. The leader of the Balearic Government, Francesc Antich, welcomed the announcement yesterday and said that it was positive for the Balearics to “have a man in Madrid in a position of power.” However, his ministerial position has come as a surprise.

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