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Easter can´t arrive soon enough for Antich

Balearic leader, Francesc Antich, will be looking forward to the Easter holidays after a week of criticisms and the first local government crisis. The five party coalition has been hit by the sacking of the Ibiza minister for the Environment, Joan Boades, a member of the Greens Party. The Greens form part of the five-party coalition and Antich acted quickly yesterday to underline that there was no rift within the coalition. But the sacking carried out by the socialist leader of the Council of Ibiza will not have been well received by the Greens. The minister in overall charge for Environment Affairs for the Balearics is also a member of the Greens and she has been heavily criticised for her handling of the water crisis. Only last week the United Left party, another member of the coalition said that they were concerned that the Balearic government was not acting more effectively. Also this week the Antich coalition was the object of a scathing attack by the environmental protection group, GOB. Initially the enviromentalists had been firm supporters of the coalition but they have accused Antich of not doing enough to resolve the water crisis. This latest crisis is music to the ears of the conservative Partido Popular. The PP only need one of the parties to withdraw their support from the coalition and there would be a change of government.

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