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Brave British mum helps police find alleged attacker

The British mother who was raped at knife-point in Magalluf three weeks ago recognised her alleged attacker while she accompanied a police patrol in Magalluf on Sunday. The 48-year-old, who was brutally raped with her daughter as they returned to their hotel, had decided to stay on the island to help police bring the authors of this horrific crime to justice. All last week she was out with detectives from the Civil Guard looking for the two men who attacked her and her daughter. On Sunday afternoon she recognised a man she is convinced was partly responsible for the rape. His description fits that of the photo-fit which has been issued by the Cvil Guard. The man, who has not been named, was taken into custody along with another man. Yesterday, police were refusing to give further information for fear that it might hamper their enquiries. But the Bulletin has learnt that one of the men is also being questioned in connection with the rape of a 16-year-old girl which also happen in Magalluf. The mother and daughter had been due to return to Britain but because of the nature of the crime they had stay in Majorca, and a police spokesman yesterday praised them for their help and valour. Their ordeal has shocked Magalluf and caused one woman who was sexually assaulted in Magalluf last year to write to the Bulletin and express her deep concern at the growing number of sexual assaults which have occured in the area over recent months. Since the double-rape the police have doubled their patrols and the photo-fit, compiled by police experts using information provided by the two British women, was given to all officers on duty.

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