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New car for the “Green” leader

The Balearic Government, which wants to limit the number of hire cars and is asking for tourists to use B roads to ease congestion, is planning to splash-out 6.5 million pesetas on buying Balearic leader, Francesc Antich, a new car. His present official vehicle is said to be old and not fit for a president. An advertisement has been placed in the official state Bulletin asking for car firms to present their tenders. With 6.5 million pesetas Antich will be able to get a top of the range Audi, BMW, Mercedes or even a Jaguar. At the moment a number of Balearic ministers are driving better cars than Antich. Since coming to power the coalition local government have been promising greater environmental protection and they have decided to build fewer motorways and are calling on the general public to use public transport. If Antich is stuck for choice when he comes to choosing his new official vehicle perhaps he should talk to John “two Jags” Prescott who appears to have similar policies to Antich.

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