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Skase expulsion appeal is rejected

Christopher Skase.


A Palma judge yesterday rejected an appeal lodged by Port d'Andratx businessman Christopher Skase against his expulsion. Skase is wanted in Australia in connection with the collapse of his media and leisure empire. Last year a Palma judge issued an expulsion order against him but the businessman appealed the decision, heralding the start of a lengthy legal process which is still on-going. Skase can still appeal against this latest setback to the Balearic High Court. If he is deported from Spain, the Australian authorities will launch extradition proceedings against Skase in his new place of residence. Skase has already been victorious in one extradition battle with Australia, when he successfully fought off their request through a Palma court in 1994. Two years ago he gave up his Australian nationality. It is rumoured that Skase is involved in numerous projects world-wide.

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