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Travel agency ban to be debated at meeting today

Travel agencies and coach companies are threatening to cancel excursions which go through the Port of Sóller if the council goes ahead with plans to make coaches pay to use the municipal car park. The Balearic Travel agents Association (Aviba) said it would cancel its Port of Sóller excursions from April 28 if the council insisted on charging coaches to use the new public car park. The decision was due to be ratified in a general assembly to be held in Palma today. “It is silly to go where we are not wanted,” said Victor Fernández, the manager of Aviba. He added that the council should consider that the profits from the excursions are not enough to cover the problems raised by the decision. Fernández added that the council decision “was in line with that of the government, that there are too many customers and they must be dissuaded so that fewer tourists come.” He added that excursions are programmed with the prices fine tuned, and the advertising brochures have been printed months in advance, which makes it difficult to raise prices now.

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