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Crime rate is down by ten per cent

Jaime Mayor Oreja, right, with Jaume Matas.


Jaime Mayor Oreja, the acting home secretary, confirmed yesterday that there had been a drop in delinquency in Palma and in the Balearics in general. He attributed this to the success of the Police 2000 project, the aim of which had been to bring more police on the beat and bring them closer to the man in the street. The campaign was aimed against crimes such as mugging, break ins, car theft and small scale drug smuggling, he said, announcing that delinquency had gone down by ten per cent in Palma and 11 per cent in the Balearics. Police 2000 has been operational in the islands since last November. The home secretary described the results as good, but said “we cannot be satisfied with this and we must continue working along these lines.” He admitted that the Balearics had problems because of the seasonal nature of tourism, and said that this had to be taken into account. He also promised reinforcements.

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