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All tourists should pay the tax

The environmental group GOB has said the time has come for the Balearic Government to make its intentions regarding the tourist tax clear. For the environmentalists all tourists should be charged and not just those who are staying in hotels and holiday apartments. All money raised should then be spent on environmental projects. According to GOB a committee formed by the Balearic government, other local authorities, business-people and environmentalists should decide how the money from the tax should be spent. The environmentalists also say that the tax should help reduce the number of tourists coming to the island. So far the local government has talked plenty about the tax but it has failed to make any firm announcement. The latest news is that only tourists who stay in hotels and apartments will pay. Initial plans to make tourists pay the tax at the airport were thwarted when the Airport Authorities withdrew their support. Tour firms have said that the Balearics is playing with fire regarding the tax and it could result in bookings to the island falling quite heavily. A letter to the editor in yesterday's Bulletin suggested that the tourist tax was a good idea because it helped redress the balance, with residents paying taxes for services which are used by tourists.

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