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One man dies, several injured in accidents

A man named as Gabriel Fluxa Carrio aged 28 died yesterday in a traffic accident at kilometre nine of the Palma-Inca motorway, near Santa Maria. He was driving a Volkswagen Golf which left the road and hit a wall, throwing him out of the car. He died immediately. An investigation is being made into the cause of the accident which happened on a straight stretch of road. In a separate accident, three people were seriously injured when a car, a Honda Civic, overturned on the motorway. The fourth occupant escaped with slight injuries. The car was a complete write off. In a third accident, the fire brigade had to be called out to cut two drivers free when a Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 306 were involved in a head-on collision. Neither driver was seriously injured. The accident occurred in Son Ferriol. Yesterday afternoon, there was a spectacular accident, involving several taxis, a lorry and a bus near Marineland. No serious injuries were reported. The police have issued an appeal to people to driver carefully on the roads, as there has been a spectacular increase of accidents in recent months. The number of breathalyser tests has been stepped up in an effort to curb the trend.

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