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Huge drop in car registrations

The number of vehicles registered in the Balearics in March was 6'861, which represented a drop of more than 32 per cent compared to the previous month, according to figures provided by the associations of manufacturers, importers and car dealers. The number of registrations also dropped in Catalonia, the Canary Islands, the Basque Country, La Rioja and Navarra, as well as in Ceuta and Melilla.This was the first drop in registrations in March in three years. The total number of vehicles registered in Spain was 147'078, nearly one per cent less than the previous month. The total number of registrations in the first three months of the year was up by 7.50 per cent on the same period last year with a total of 364'414. The reason given for the drop in registrations is the late date of Easter. The drop in registrations in the Balearics was the biggest in Spain. The islands have a huge car hire fleet, and the sector has been complaining that it is no longer profitable. It says it is being unfairly blamed for the many traffic problems affecting the islands, but earlier this month, the sector pointed out that in the winter, only ten per cent of the fleet is on the roads.

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