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Balearics formally invited to take part in Hannover Expo

The state company Hannover 2000 has formally invited the Balearics to take part in the Universal Exhibition which will be held in the German city between June 1 and October 31. The commissioner of the Spanish pavilion, Pablo Bravo Lozano, and the director of government relations, Alejandro Sanchez, had talks yesterday with chief minister Francesc Antich, who showed interest in the project. During the meeting it was agreed that the Balearic government would organise a Balearic cuisine week at the pavilion's restaurant, while the tapas bar would also offer local dishes. In addition, there will be exhibitions of Balearic dances by local groups and scenes of the Balearics will be flashed on giant screens. Promotional literature will also be available in the pavilion. Bravo and Sanchez said that the Balearics would be promoted between October 2 and 8.

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