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Did boy killer copy video?

Jose Rabadan, the 16-year-old Spanish boy who was arrested by police on Monday in Alicante, suspected of killing his parents and sister with a samurai sword, may have been inspired by a violent video game, according to latest reports. Spanish newspapers yesterday described the boy as being obsessed with a video game and said he had modelled himself on its protagonist, a sword-wielding teenage hero. The boy and a 16-year-old companion were arrested on Monday in a train station in Alicante, a few miles from Murcia, where his parents and 12-year-old sister were found murdered on Sunday. Photographs in the Tuesday editions of Spanish newspapers showed that the boy had adopted the same hair style as the video game character. Neighbours were quoted as saying the boy's father bought him the sword last year. A police spokesman would not confirm reports linking the video game to the murders. “Among his belongings was a video game and two books about Satanism and magic,” the spokesman said. ”Now, whether that has anything to do with his conduct is a matter for psychiatric or psychological specialists.”

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