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Cuban gave police the slip

The Cuban mother of Majorcan Pedro Amengual's daughter, apparently gave the police the slip when she fled the island with her daughter, against the custody orders of the court. Amengual, who has been fighting for his daughter to be returned to her home with him in Majorca, suspected that after the couple's separation was approved and custody awarded to him, his Cuban ex-wife would flee the island with their child. He contacted the Palma courts and a judge ordered that all ports of exit be controlled in order to prevent Marbelys Whaite Diaz from leaving the island. However, she managed to slip through with baby Kyara and make it home to Cuba where she has the support of the Cuban authorties, and has no intention of returning her daughter to the father. She made it clear last week that she does not care what a Palma judge says and now Amengual does not know where to turn in his battle to have his daughter back.

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