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A quarter of Majorcans are afraid of flying

A programme to help people overcome their fear of flying was unveiled at Palma airport yesterday with leading psychologist Xavier Bornes saying that nearly a quarter of people in Majorca are scared of flying, but he explained that the reason is quite simply that they have been born and brought up on an island.The campaign has been devised by the Balearic University in collaboration with airport authority AENA and Air Europa, with the aim of helping people who are afraid of boarding a plane to fly. The computer-generated courses, of which between four and six will be held, will aim to demonstrate that flying is the most secure method of travel. Studies have ascertained that the target groups are men and women aged between 25 and 35 who also have a number of other phobias such as vertigo, fear of small spaces or being uncomfortable with being in situations beyond their control. The programme has been in development over the past two years at the University, during which time 70 people have taken part and 50 have since flown.

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