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German accused of second rape charge

The German suspect being held responsible for the murder of Majorcan woman Carmen del Salto Fajardó near Porto Cristo last summer, has been identified by a 17-year-old German girl as the person who apparently raped her while on the holiday in Majorca last Spring. According to the victim, Anika B., she was raped on waste ground near the Van-Van disco, the last place where the young Majocan was seen before she disappeared, in Cala Bona while on holiday with her parents. According to judical sources in Germany, the German teenager was raped on April 9, 1999, on the last day of the family holiday. Anika B. was a diving student at the club where Andreas Ingo Okulus worked last year. She apparently came forward after reading about the Cala Bona murder in the German media. According to the victim on the night of the incident, she had been in the disco drinking with Okulus before goiong on a “tour of majorca” with the suspect. Apparently, Okulus plied her with drinks before taking her to a stretch of waste ground near the bar and raped her. The 17-year-old left the island with her parents the next day and did not mention the attack because she says she felt “embarrased.” But it appears that she changed her mind some months after when news of the German suspect's alleged involvement in the murder of Carmen del Salto.

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