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1.000 extras needed for British film in Majorca


The Balearics, and the local community, look set to play a leading role in two British film productions this year and yesterday Majorcan facilities company Palma Pictures announced that it is looking for 1.000 extras to take part in a World War 2 epic for Channel Four Films. Over the years quite a number of residents have been used as extras in films and commercials on the island, but this is the biggest extras recruitment drive mounted to date. While the assistance of the Spanish army has been granted, a total of 1.000 Europeans aged between 18 and 30 are needed for a variety of scenes to be shot on location in Majorca during the six-week shoot. The productiuon is one of the largest undertaken for Channel Four this year and the two-part drama will be one of the channel's flagship programmes over Christmas. The four-hour drama has been adapted from an Evelyn Waugh trilogy set against the backdrop of war-torn Europe during the Second World War. Majorca is going to be used as the setting for scenes set in Egypt, Crete and France, among other destinations, but the extras are needed to form the Allied forces. A number of World War Two fighter planes are also expected to be flown down to the island for some aerial sequences.

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