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Motorway crash chaos

Traffic on the motorway to Inca was thrown into chaos yesterday afternoon after an accident one kilometre north of Pont D'Inca blocked the highway for over half an hour. The Guardia Civil traffic department explained last night that just before four o'clock their switchboard was jammed by people calling from their mobile phones, reporting a serious accident on the motorway in the direction of Inca. When the first of the emergency vehicles arrived at the scene, they were faced with chaos with a lorry, a van and a car involved in the accident. Fire crews from Palma and Inca were called while the Guardia Civil set about trying to get traffic flowing again, but the lorry was spread across the fast lane, with the van in its rear and the car blocking the rest of the motorway. The biggest concern, apart from the trafic jam, was a passenger in the rear of the car involved who was trapped in the wreckage. Firemen worked against the clock to free the victim, as they were unsure of the extent of the injuries, and were forced to cut the rear of the vehicle open before he was rushed to hospital in Palma along with another of the crash victims.

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