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Teachers calls for a crackdown on violence in Minorca

Teachers at the Pascual Calbo secondary school in Mahon have called on the local police in the battle to crack down on absenteeism and violence at the college. At an emergency meeting on Monday, called in response to a fight involving at least a dozen students last Friday, which was finally broken up by members of the National Police, the school's principle, Josep Maria Cardona Natta, called for an end to students acting agressively and violently in and out of classes. However Natta and the teachers reached the conclusion that, in order for the crackdown on juvenile violence to be successful and effective, the Mahon Council and the local police have to be involved. One area in which Natta believes the police could assist is in keeping a close vigilance on the school and, armed with the correct information, keeping an eye out for marked individuals who should be in school and not aimlessly wandering the streets. A similar scheme is already in operation in Ciutadella and, according to the primary school and the council, the project works.

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