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Daniel Craig’s James Bond was due to have retired in Mallorca

Danny Boyle had a different plan for Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig's Bond should have retired in Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

| Palma |

Had Danny Boyle directed the last James Bond film, in which the spy dies, Daniel Craig’s Bond would have been found in retirement in Mallorca, not Jamaica.

Boyle’s planned James Bond movie would have also taken 007 back to space but he told Esquire the producers of the series just “lost confidence” in his plans for Bond 25 - hence why he never directed the final Craig film.

But it has come to light that John Hodge, who penned the script for Boyle’s Bond movie, which - like No Time To Die - began with 007 retired but living in Mallorca instead of Jamaica.

The story also took the spy to Namibia and, in the finale, outer space thanks to a giant rocket.
What exactly would happen once Bond went into orbit is unknown, but presumably, he wouldn’t have made it back to Earth alive.

Another intriguing difference between this screenplay and the final version is that M himself would have ordered a hit on Bond. Of course, fans will recall that 007 previously went to space with 1979’s Moonraker.

Ironic considering Guy Hamilton, who directed four James Bond films, lived and died in Mallorca.

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