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Water is liquid gold, use it sparingly

Dear Sir,
I am amazed that despite all the talk and rhetoric about the water crisis in Majorca, the local council appear to be doing nothing to make visitors to the Island aware of the problem.

Do we see posters throughout the Island informing tourists of the problem? NO!

Do we see notices in bars and restaurants telling visitors to use water sparingly? NO!

Do we see adverts in the Majorca Daily Bulletin exhorting people to watch their water use? NO!

Do we see holiday companies posting notices in the apartments and villas they let, telling clients to use water sparingly? NO!

Water is the most precious commodity on the Earth today but in Majorca, there appears to be a conspiracy of silence. Yes, bring in a Tourist Tax of £10 or £20 a head and use it to build more desalination plants, especially in the North of the Island. It may cause a drop in tourism which may not be a bad thing for everyone.

The experts are predicting that the problems of water shortages caused by Earth warming and thus climatic changes will get worse not better. So Majorca, this is a WAKE UP call.

Ron Bronstein
Port de Pollenca

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