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The dangers of selling a car

Dear Sir,

Some of your readers may remember the saga of the old car with no exchange of ownership papers, (Laws Change, People Don't Feb 26), resulting from incorrect information from the Traffic Office. The saga continues. On April 13 I received the fine for abandoning the car on the highway (the car I had sold two years previously). The fine was originally 15'000 pesetas and now upped to 18'000 pesetas. The local police had informed me last July that they would re-direct the said fine to the pertinent culprit. What went wrong! By another strange coincidence “this person” to whom I sold the car is on the island. Having spent a whole morning going from the Calvia Tax Office to the Town Hall sanction office to the local police back to the Tax Office where the functionaries are only interested in their pound of flesh. I have decided to give-in. I shall pay this fine and grit my teeth remembering two adages. No one can make a fool of you without your consent. You can't knock City Hall.

Olivia Qualthrough
Santa Ponsa

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